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Working As A Security Steward For Events

Working As A Security Steward For Events

In an event, many professionals work backstage to make it a successful one. It can start from the event organiser or planner, set and prop decorator, food and drinks vendor, maintenance cleaners and security steward. All these jobs are temporary and valuable. This post will show you who is a security steward in an event, what are their job skills and duties to perform and how you can secure a job as a security steward.

Who is a Security Steward?

A Security Steward in an event is someone who ensures the safety of all attendees in big events like music concerts and festivals, shows or sporting events. They check the passes and permits of attendees and professionals on stage and backstage. They handle crowd management and possible risks too. They may patrol on foot or vehicle to secure the premises, control traffic, and be parking guides. They look after pieces of equipment, assist in health emergencies and prevent anti-social activity or criminal activities.

Qualities to become a Security Steward for events

Here are some other skills and qualities you may have to possess to become a security steward.

  • You should have good customer service skills. In any kind of events, a security steward becomes the welcoming face in events.
  • You need to have excellent communication skills. It is also the job of the security steward to assist any person in the event, so faltering and inability to communicate to help someone is not excusable.
  • It would be best if you had basic education to understand all security technicalities. There are so many safety protocols in the event industry that sometimes mere primary education is not even suitable for hire. You may need more than a high school diploma or equivalent to secure a job in top-level security professional company.
  • You may need to have a certificate of license from a security industry or institute. Many countries like the UK and Canada require a security license from people who apply for a Staffordshire security guard job. Check beforehand if the region you want to work in needs a similar permit, license or certificate.
  • You may need to have good employment history and reason for periods of unemployment. Along with that, you may also need a driving license to drive company cars.

How much does a security steward get paid?

The salary usually depends on how big and famous the event can be. The salary also depends on how good the security company you are working for too. If it is less reputed or a startup company, you may not be paid much. If it is a reputed one, you can get more than you expect.

According to indeed, the average salary starts from 10 pounds per hour in the UK. It increases according to the company you work for.


To secure a job as a security steward, you may have to pass interviews in the company you apply for. The company may ask your previous experiences, why you are interested in working for their company or explaining situations. Prepare well beforehand to gain confidence in interviews.