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Why You Should Hire Mobile Security Patrols in Birmingham

Why You Should Hire Mobile Security Patrols in Birmingham

Mobile Security is a support security system that is intended to work in areas that may not require any static coverage. When a Security Officer is posted at a particular place for a specific amount of hours is static coverage. So, in these areas, clients hire mobile security services in case they do not need the level of dedicated service or want to add static security. In any case, when it comes to providing static security & mobile security in Birmingham, Oakwood Security is the number one choice.

Mobile Security Patrol has well-trained officers that are capable of making decisions during any situation. They will take quick action to ensure that their clients and property are safe and produce a report of any incident.

What are the Roles of Mobile Security?

It is the mobile security patrol’s responsibility to visit and support different sites during their given shifts. They need to be skillfully trained to make quick-witted decisions and effectively take action whenever there is an issue.

Generally, mobile security patrol roles include:

  • They strategically patrol random properties, typically after hours when the properties are not occupied.
  • They respond to alarms whenever the client intrusion activates
  • Any unauthorised person will be removed from private property
  • Walking their staff to the vehicles after hours for safety
  • During emergency situations, they provide support to officer from the static coverage

Importance of a mobile security patrol

There are times when the neighbourhood can become dangerous, or you have to lock up your office, which is quite far off from your residence or have a check on your properties at night. And these are only from many other reasons making it crucial to hire mobile security patrols.

  • Quick Action: Based on instructions during the pre-agreement and escalation of the situation, mobile security officers will deal with the issue on time
  • Protection for Any Location: Mobile Security Services have well-trained officers that can offer patrol checking for various places, which includes strip malls, educational institutions, parking lots, construction sites, office buildings, condominiums, healthcare facilities, and warehouse.
  • Cost-Effective: An excellent cost-effective way of keeping your properties secure is hiring mobile security patrol; they also help you save money from spending on a full-time security guard.
  • Presence: The brightly coloured uniforms and the vehicles with the security brand on them helps ward off any miscreants that may be loitering. The presence of mobile security patrol officers provides such benefits.

Mobile Security Patrol: Roles and Responsibilities

One among many Mobile Security Patrol Officers’ duties is responding to alarms and promptly dispatches officers from the monitoring stations. The alarms can be burglar alarms or fire alarms and all those that need to access buildings after-hours. They can also visit the client’s properties to check:

  • If there are any damages or danger to the property
  • Any activity that can be considered suspicious
  • Check if there any unlocked doors that are supposed to be locked
  • Unauthorised people on the territory

With these, the mobile security patrol officers also wear uniforms and have their agency’s emblem marked on their vehicle to ensure that they stand out and have their presence recognised.