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Why Are Security Stewards Necessary?

Why Are Security Stewards Necessary?

Security stewards have trained security personnel who ensure a safe and smooth flow of events like rock concerts etc. They provide that the event is safe and enjoyable for the audience without letting any unusual incident happened. They take care of both outsides and inside the boundaries of the venue. Offering a high level of customer support and safety is their motto. 

A steward acts as one of the main points of contact for the audience at the venue entrance. They are well equipped with all the information that they need to assist the audience at the gate. Here we will discuss several roles and responsibilities of the stewards. 

Responsibilities of security stewards

  • The security stewards are found actively present near the entrance and the exit of the venue.
  • They do a security check of each visitor to ensure safety and even have the authority to prevent any trespassers from going inside the venue. 
  • The role of the security stewards varies from greeting the audience with a smile and assisting them till they reach inside the venue. They check the tickets of the audiences so that they can keep track of the number of visitors. 
  • The most critical role of these security stewards is to monitor the movement of the crowd and keep a vigil on the behavior of the audiences. This helps them to identify any potential risk factor beforehand and take necessary action immediately. They can take immediate action against unusual incidents like unruly mobs to hamper the event.
  • Security stewards also play a major role in the car parking area. They help the audience with finding parking places for their cars and assist them accordingly. They also check the flow of traffic and even divert the traffic from or around the site whenever necessary. 
  • They are the one who monitors the crowd and the entire venue. So whenever they identify any incident that might affect the safety and security of the people present, they immediately jump into action, deal with situations like fire, arrange first aids, and help people evacuate. 
  • It is also the responsibility of the security stewards to provide timely reports to the concerned authority so that necessary actions can be taken if required.

It is the responsibility of the event organizers to arrange trained event stewards while the show is being planned. The security of the audience and the huge gathering depend on the security stewards as they are the one who controls and manages the people. 

The Coventry security stewards are specially trained so that they can keep an eye on the crowd continuously while catering to the needs of the audience.  They carry out their responsibilities like guiding their way to the venue, helping them park their cars in the parking lot, controlling the traffic, and most importantly, performing the preliminary security checks. If they identify anything suspicious, they are the ones who immediately inform the concerned authority to assure that the show must go on!