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Why Are Event Stewards Necessary?

Why Are Event Stewards Necessary?

When we think about the festivals or the concerts, the first thing that comes to mind is the massive gathering of people, and we wonder how people can manage themselves there! 

Surprisingly, at the end of the show, people step out with a smile of satisfaction on their faces. This expresses they enjoyed the show. What seems impossible at the first go is made possible by the event stewards!

While organizing an event, the event managers first guarantee a safe and secured venue for the audience. It is the security stewards who shoulder this responsibility and ensures the safety of the audience.  

Many security companies provide this service. The event managers hire the Coventry security stewards from these companies and appoint them to manage the security services of the upcoming show.

Responsibilities of Event stewards

The event stewards also have several duties backstage, from managing the entrance and exit and the entire venue. They do the preliminary security checks at the gate. They are the first source of contact and hence resolve the queries of the audience. 

The security stewards help the audience or the visitors with parking the car in the parking lot. Their primary duty is to monitor and control the crowd to ensure a safe and enjoyable show for the audience. They check the tickets and keep track of the number of guests. Suppose they detect any unusual behavior with any guest. In that case, they have the authority to hold him back and inform the concerned department for further steps to be taken against the accused.  

At backstage, they also have to check whether the electrical equipment is working fine or not before the show begins.

Event stewards ensure a smooth and enjoyable show

Organizing an event is an elaborate task and creates stress for the artists or the event managers. So security stewards are appointed to manage the huge crowd. The number of security stewards depends on the strength of the crowd. Their main motto is to provide safety and offer a risk-free secured environment for the audience to enjoy the show.

Taking care of everyone present in the event

Security stewards help in monitoring the entire venue. They care for the guests and check if people who are entitled to other responsibilities like electrical contractors, prop hire, etc., are carrying out their duties. Everything runs smoothly without hampering the show. 

No scope for intruders

Not everyone present in the audience has the same mindset and attends the show to have a good time. There might be people with bad intentions who make way for various unusual behaviors. The security stewards must identify these people from the crowd and refrain from behaving inappropriately before the situation goes out of control. 

Without security stewards, one can’t even imagine an event! The event security stewards especially take responsibility for the huge crowd and gather and monitor the entire venue’s safety from the show’s beginning until the end.