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What To Look For When Hiring Security Stewards

What To Look For When Hiring Security Stewards

What To Look For When Hiring Security Stewards

Hiring security stewards for your events and functions in Warwick is essential to ensure that such events go on without a hitch. There are various reasons for hiring security stewards; from tightening security to eliminating potential threats.

With the introduction of technology and various advancements in security, some tools and techs can bolster the service offered by these security personnel. Despite these instruments, there are still certain skills that need to be seen in a security steward to determine if such a fellow gets hired or not.

Characteristics of a Good Security Steward.


A high level of experience is needed to be seen in security stewards, persons having histories of dealing in various mild and extreme situations, expertly approaching cases, eliminating potential issues and threats.


A good security steward in Warwick is someone who has gone through various forms of rigorous pieces of training and has proof to show for it. Someone who has obtained the knowledge needed and have certifications and licence to present. 


Either working as a lone guard or as a team, a security steward must be someone able to communicate well, articulate thoughts and speech, also able comprehend details.


Physical fitness is another criterion to seek out when hiring a security guard, having a high level of fitness, being readily active, healthy, and reliable at the time of need. A security person must always be in shape, ready to defend themself and the client.


Attitude is important in this aspect of work. Calm but yet audacious, commanding, and skilful. A security steward must show great skills in resolving conflicts while respecting the parties involved.

Vigilance and Attentiveness

As a security person, you need to be vigilant, observant, noticing everything going on. Being able to think and react on impulse, identify potential threats, envisage likely outcomes, adapt to the surroundings are the qualities to seek out.


A security steward must be someone reliable. At most times, security guards have to work alone or in isolation, it is necessary that such a fellow appointed to watch over a place, an event, or object must be trustworthy. To obtain this kind of information about an individual in the security department, you need to do a background check on such a fellow to check the slate and record of the individual.

You should also be on the lookout for qualities like; the ability to lead, obey orders, keep a low profile, and also the motivation of such an individual, why they work.

Why Do You Need Quality Stewards?

  1. To ensure that all security-related aspects of the event run smoothly.
  2. To help identify and control risks.
  3. To help ease the tension of guests, ensuring everyone enjoys the feel of safety.
  4. To look out for and look after everyone. 

When making a choice on which steward to hire o to appoint, you should consider outsourcing or seeking the expertise of security companies.