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What Is A Mobile Security Patrol?

What Is A Mobile Security Patrol?

Patrol means an activity to supervise, usually an area, locality, block, house or building through regular walks and travels. This definition easily explains what it means to patrol and secure a site for means of guarding it.

Who can choose mobile security services?

If you feel your neighbourhood is unsafe, there are measures to keep safety in check.

Suppose, you and your neighbours may form a neighbourhood community watch and take turns in patrolling the area at night. But, constant patrolling may affect your sleep and daily activities and may also hinder your patrolling duties. There may be times when some people may face health and domestic emergencies resulting in others taking over their duties. To avoid all these problems, it is better to engage an effective security service that will cater to all your needs.

Similarly, if you own a farm, thefts can happen, especially during harvest time. It is not easy to look after your field all the time when you have other farming duties to do. You may need a security patrol for that.

Many hotels also require security patrols for surveillance and security of their guests and employees.

Also, large sites like constructions need security patrols. Because of increased theft of construction tools and pieces of equipment, many contractors keep mobile security patrols in Birmingham

Besides that, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc., may also need security patrols.

Types of Mobile Security Patrol

Security patrol companies primarily provide two basic types of Mobile Security Patrol. They are:

  • Foot Patrol – As the name implies, static security guards do the surveillance on foot. Usually, when guards patrol the area on foot, they can check every tiny details and discrepancy by checking thoroughly. By walking throughout the site, the security guard can make sound assessments and check if he can stop security mishaps before they can even happen.

A security guard on foot patrol can also enter inside the premises and check carefully. They can check if there are trespassers nearby or if any wires are cut. They can check for broken windows, opened doors and escape channels that intruders cannot escape.

  • Vehicle Security Patrol – Here, patrolling is carried out by driving cars. This kind of patrolling is most efficient for large areas where patrolling on foot may be a bit difficult. The vehicles can be bicycles, golf carts or other cars.

Significant places like industries or construction sites may require immediate backup if there’s an alert or distress call about thefts and intruders. So it may be challenging to reach the designated spots on foot in a short amount of time. Patrolling on vehicles may come on handy in these kinds of situations.

How do Mobile Security Patrol systems work?

A mobile security patrol system works in 3 measures. They are:

  • External Checks. The security guard checks your area by inspecting the outside of the building. They will check the walls, look for a sign of any damage and lock the gates and doors of the building.
  • Intermediate Checks. In Intermediate Checks, the security guard can check the surroundings and nearby outhouses and buildings without entering the premises. The guard will spend more time at your premises and can check everything thoroughly.
  • Internal Checks. In Internal Checks, the security guard has full access to both outside and inside of your building and premises surrounding it. You gain total security because of this special access and save yourself from any untoward incidents from happening.


We hope that this post will help you in choosing the best professional security system for yourself.