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What Does A Mobile Security Patrol Do?

What Does A Mobile Security Patrol Do?

What Does A Mobile Security Patrol Do?

The job of a mobile security patrol from Warwick is to respond to alarms and dispatch from multiple alarm monitoring stations. Here, these alarms consist of burglar alarms, 911 calls, fire alarms, and gaining access to premises and buildings after hours. They tend to look for property hazards or damages, suspicious activities, locking all the unlocked doors, and keeping off unauthorized people from the premises.

Inspecting Interior & Exterior Locations

Security guards aren’t just confined to an outdoor space. The mobile security guards do much more than what the traditional guards do. They cover every aspect of the premises, and that includes the indoor space too. Through the use of liveried vehicles, these guards keep a close watch on whatever goes on within the premises. They are always on the lookout for dangerous locations.

  • They search the property in a comprehensive manner.
  • The guards check and maintain the security systems too.
  • They implement security protocols concerning fire safety.
  • Mobile security guards clean all the harmful substances present at the site.
  • There is also prevention concerning the loss of valuable inventories and sensitive documents.
  • These patrol officers write both interim and vast incident reports.

Holding Keys & Fast Alarm Response

These officers undergo extensive and professional training for protecting businesses from unwanted inconvenience, costs, and risks. The keyholders are responsible for opening and closing the buildings. Moreover, they respond super-fast to alarms at all times. They rush immediately to the affected area whenever they hear the alarms go off. Here, they catch and detain the criminal by contacting the law and reset the alarms.

Mobile CCTV Monitoring

Certain patrolling guards have access to all these units of mobile CCTV. They help in ensuring security whenever you aren’t on your business premises. These CCTV units help the officers in monitoring harmful and busy locations. Your guards will have an easy time keeping track of the potential suspects in the vicinity.

Safety & Health Protocols

The mobile security guards are professionally trained because they go through various tests and training. In this way, they offer both advice and assistance to the victims of emergency situations. Here, it includes first aid, fire safety, safety plans, and evacuation plans during emergencies. Regardless of whatever the situation is, you can lean on these patrolling officers to help you out at all times.

Preventing Losses & Traffic Control

Your patrolling officers report every nonconformity, preventing damage and losses. They inform the procedures and policies concerning violators, allowing restraints towards the trespassers. The mobile security guards possess the power to issue citations, warnings, or detainment of culprits that commit offences.

They should finish all the required reports concerning the circumstances. These guards also give directions to the drivers, allowing you to control traffic. Plus, the guards also assist the drivers in need of aid and also investigate accidents.

Customer & Employee Safety

Last but not least, mobile security guards also protect customers and employees. They guide the employees to their cars at night or to the nearest public transport at night. The guards also provide assistance to the customers who have certain queries and grievances. They also escort off any angry customers that tend to make a scene. In this way, it deters crimes and protects the people 24/7.