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Warwick Keyholding And Alarm Response

Keyholding & Alarm Response

Right People, Right Place, Right Time.

At Oakwood Security, we provide alarm response and key holding security service to mitigate the inconvenience of false alarm activations outside normal working hours. We can ensure that your property is fully protected from any intruders with our Warwick security services.

Almost all break-ins at commercial and residential premises in Warwick occur out of hours. At Oakwood Security, we offer a dedicated keyholding and alarm response service in Warwick that involves deploying a keyholder who is highly visible to your premises should an alarm be triggered.

Alarm Response

Our alarm response service can be a cost-effective way to provide a deterrent against an intrusion. If you decide to use our alarm response service in Warwick, we will put up visible signs around your property that indicate the site is regularly visited.

Oakwood Security’s alarm response service ensures that you are always notified whenever the alarm goes off. We will ensure that our fleet of mobile patrol vehicles with our key holding officers will respond to your property in Warwick.


You can trust Oakwood Security with your key holding security, we ensure that any harmful situations which could arise are dealt with promptly. With our key holding Warwick service, we will collect a set of keys to the property and then keep them in our control room securely, the same room we used for our alarm response service.

When an alarm has been activated our mobile patrol security officers will be dispatched to your property to investigate the cause, if further security is needed then our key holding team will contact the emergency contact.

Why choose Oakwood Security?

You can count on Oakwood Security Solutions to protect your event in Warwick to keep everyone safe. Here’s why clients come back to us again and again;

We provide experienced and local staff to keep your event secure.

Fully briefed, prepared and insured, our team provides you peace of mind that your event will run smoothly.

Success is guaranteed because our team has meticulous attention to detail when planning event security.

Secure your location

At Oakwood Security, we can handle any emergency situation including burglaries, intruders, vandals and fires within Warwick. We have the expertise to help you reduce risks for your business, protect your property, assets and provide a safe environment for you and your staff. Without appropriate key holding and alarm response solutions,  your premises could be severely open to potential crimes that may put your staff at risk but also leave you with financial issues.

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Alarm Response and Key Holding Security measures in place at your premises can deter criminals from breaking in and damaging your premises. It is essential to recognise that your premises and property are severely exposed to criminal activity without appropriate response solutions.

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