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Tips to choose the right security guard services

Tips to choose the right security guard services

Today safety is a major concern when it comes to residence, office or new infrastructure. Security is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to safety of your work or community. As a dedicated security guard company in Staffordshire, Oakwood Solutions is here to help you in choosing the right security solutions.


Check if the security service is licensed. According to the legal norms, all licensed security agencies should have a supervisor. The supervisor ensures if the guards are executing their works perfectly. A licensed security service has powers to disqualify a guard who is not sincere to his duties. They are more professional in delivering the service. 

Guard Attrition rate

Learn about the guard attrition rate of the security service before hiring it. What is guard attrition rate? It is the rate at which the guards leave the agency. The guard attrition rate of the security guard service is directly proportional to its reliability. 

Why is guard attrition rate important?

The attrition rate in the security industry is high. This is mainly because the guards face lot of stress from lack of job security and wages. For this reason, most of them quit as soon as they join. The attrition rate of a good and experienced security agency is less. This is because, a good security agency shows professionalism and is ethical. It makes sure the guards get enough rest and stay healthy. Also, a good security agency makes payment on time. So the guards feel safe and the chances of their leave are less.  

Service Level Agreement

These agreements establish things that the security guard service will provide and what it will not. The agreement covers everything from guard control devices and video surveillances. The agreement also helps to improve the efficiency as the it defines procedures during emergencies. 

Quality of service

Double check the quality of the agency before hiring them. How to check on the quality of their services? Ask these questions to ensure the quality:

  • How do you deal the misconduct of the guards?
  • How do you train your guards?
  • Do you provide uniforms?
  • Do the guards carry a license?
  • Do you offer short term training programs before you deploy them?


Before hiring the security guard services, investigate and find out if they adhere to fundamental government rules. For instance, according to the government rules, a guard should work at least eight hours in a shift. If the agency follows such rules, its services are worthy, long term and fruitful.

Customer services

Always choose the security agency that values its customers. A good agency puts its customer satisfaction at the centre. Check if the agency attends to your queries with utmost sincerity. 

Main focus

Find out the main focus of the agency. Is security the major service offered by them or there are other services. Choose the security guard services that work exclusively on the field. There are few agencies that offer security as one of their services. For them security is not the primary business. Their focus is on other businesses as well. Such agencies lag professionalism.