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Things to learn before choosing security guard services

Things to learn before choosing security guard services

Security guard services perform entrance and exit screening, emergency rescue, personal security, property security, security patrol, and offers system monitoring. Some serve at bus or train stations, shopping malls, airports and sport stadiums. Some others protect industrial facilities and commercial building properties. Here is a complete guide on hiring the right company for security guards in Staffordshire.

Roles and responsibilities

There are different types of security agencies. They differ in their roles and responsibilities. They are as follows:

  • The personal and executive protection services are usually the armed guards. 
  • The in-house security guards operating in office buildings and factories protect the machineries and data centres. 
  • The hotel security guards monitor lobbies, parking lots, elevators and prevent vehicle thefts, personal belongings and luggage.
  • The event security guards protect people at trade shows, conferences and other functions. 
  • The security guards in hospitals protect the computer systems and expensive medical equipment. Also, they prevent mishandling of drugs. 

Types of security guard agencies

Broadly, the security guard services are classified as government contract security guards, in-house security guards, and contract security guards.

Government contract security guards

These security guards are contracted. They are highly trained and are usually armed. Their main function is to maintain order and defend government property and government personnel. They are deployed in courthouses, centres of military operation, postal services, homeland security buildings, CIA buildings, police headquarters, etc.

In-House Security Guards

They are also called the proprietary security. They are professionals hired by businesses and companies. Usually, these guards are paid by the companies and not the agencies that hired them. The guards operate at the will of the company. This includes bank security guards, armoured car guards, hospital security, museum security, warehouse security, manufacturing security, residential security, cruise ship security, hotel or resort security, etc.

Contract Security guards

These security guard services are the most common type. They are deployed in schools, theatres, retail centres, arenas, etc. 

Apart from these types, there are personal protection officers. They are deployed to protect high profile persons like politicians and celebrities. There are remote surveillance security agents. They are trained to develop high observational skills. They monitor camera footage and identify potential threats. 

Why should you hire security agents?

The security guards help to prevent crimes, add heightened awareness, offer extra pair of eyes, take immediate actions during emergencies, improve customer services, handle security issues effectively, create safe business environment. Above all, hiring security guard services reduces your stress levels. 

Questions to ask security guard companies

Ask the following questions while hiring security agents:

  • Are you licensed?
  • Are you insured?
  • What is your experience in the field?
  • How do you monitor your guards>
  • What are your specialties?
  • How do you train your guards?
  • Are your guards armed?
  • What technologies do you use?
  • How can I get in touch with you?
  • What are your pricing?

The security guards are to play a major role in your safety and security. Therefore, it is not good to go by cost. The experienced security guard services are expensive. This is because; they put in huge investment in hiring a suitable security guard and provide them the required training. The trainings include weapon usage and martial arts.