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The Downside of Hiring Security Guards for Business

The Downside of Hiring Security Guards for Business

The Downside of Hiring Security Guards for Business

There is no denying the fact that hiring security guards for the protection of your business and physical investments grants you a sense of security and peace of mind with guaranteed prevention of crime. However, there is a downside to hiring security companies for your business. It greatly depends on the percentage of risk and liability whether you should hire security services or not. 

Considering a variety of factors, we have jotted some drawbacks of hiring security guards for you to ensure you are making the right move and is in the favor of your business. 

Training expenses

If you are a business owner, you are always thinking of modern and advanced ways to keep your security systems up to date. With fast-paced technological advancements, there are perimeter alarms and surveillance cameras that need to be operated properly. Only well-trained individuals can do the needful. Therefore, it can cost you a whopping sum to hire unreliable security guards who might resign anytime leaving you a need to hire another which means doubled hiring and training expenses. 

Security guards cannot manage the entire business premise

Practically speaking, one or two security guards are not enough to see your business site. For instance, if you own a recycling yard, you understand the fact that business sites like that are built on wide perimeters. With such a huge premise, it is hard for the security guards to ensure order all the time. One guard cannot be at two places at once. Now hiring more security guards does not seem like a wise solution. That just adds up to the overall cost. 

Large retainer of paycheck

Ask yourself this question: How many guards are required to protect your business site? What about the protection outside the building? Higher the number of guards, the higher the cost. Hiring security guards for your business can burn the budget that you could have otherwise invested somewhere else. You need to reconsider this matter and think of spending on a modern live video surveillance system. Not only will it be the visual deterrent of crime but also reduced the cost to a fraction of the salaries that you have to pay to the security guards.

You can even install electric security fences in your remote business sites to prevent trespassers and burglars. It will be reasonably cost-effective.

Security guards are prone to getting tired or bored

When you entertain the idea of hiring security guards for timely resolutions to crimes on site, do not forget to consider the inherent passivity of security guards. The crime your guards are waiting for might not happen for days, weeks, or even years.

Such inactivity and monotonous routine can bore the security guards to an extent where they might fall asleep giving way to security threats. You can find many instances where the guards slept onsite keeping the protection of clients and employees at stake. Your remote live video surveillance, on the other hand, will never disappoint you unless there is a possibility of a power blackout. 

Security guards can be easy targets

Security guards work in shifts creating a pattern. This pattern can easily help criminals chalk out a plan to find a suitable time to attack. There is a history of criminals that observe business sites from distance. They might when and where a guard is patrolling for them to trespass or attack a different area of the facility. 

Sometimes, a group of thieves are likely to outnumber the security guards and take over them putting everyone at the business site’s security at risk. You wouldn’t want a security guard hurt in your business premises. Will you?

Of course, such instances are not too common but are hard to ignore. Security guards can be untrained and unreliable as they could be allies of the criminals too. With so many drawbacks of hiring security guards, you need to invest in an advanced security system. This could include active alarms, CCTV cameras, fingerprint entry systems and electric fences that are cost-effective too.