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Strict Duties Of A Mobile Security Guard

Strict Duties Of A Mobile Security Guard

Mobile security patrol services are a valuable component of every business. Why? Well, it is because they protect the assets of your business 24×7. There is a need for businesses to hire mobile security guards because they are more effective than traditional guards. They are fast, efficient, and reliable at all times. These guards have a huge responsibility because the business owners are trusting them with their assets. So, these patrolling officers’ resort to strict duties for better protection. Let us look at what they have to offer:

Versatile Surveillance

Patrol officers have several eyes because they can keep track of several locations. They patrol using liveried vehicles, allowing them to keep tabs on various locations in a single shift. They are consistently rotating around the premises for ensuring that the building is completely safe. The guards also patrol on foot, but they are faster than the usual guards. You can expect them to easily cover multiple grounds, especially during emergencies. Criminals don’t stand a chance at all with them.

Employee & Customer Protection

The guards offer tight security towards the employees, especially at night. They will guide them to their respective cars or even drop them off at any public transports. The same situation applies to customers too. These guards also offer their services to the visitors if they have any queries or grievances. The staff will be working peacefully because of how the guards are present on the premises. In this way, they also promote great customer service and employee experience.

Various Security Checks

These guards tend to perform an array of the necessary security checks. They aren’t just responding to or monitoring alarms. However, these guards are carrying out multiple exteriors patrolling in spots that aren’t visible to the security cameras. These officers make sure that all the doors are locked up, and nothing is left unattended. You can expect to thoroughly assess these windows and doors. Here, you can also decide when you want them to patrol and the places that need more focus.

Services of Key Holding & Alarm Response

As a business owner, you need to reach your premises in 20 minutes or less whenever an alarm goes off. If you don’t get to your building faster, then the criminals will end up escaping. The police will also ignore your alarms in the future if you fail to fix the issues more than three times. So, the need for these mobile patrol officers come up.

These guards offer professional alarm response and key holding services for securing your business. They are looking after your business in your absence and will respond to alarms quickly. These officers can also re-secure your premises during criminal break-ins. Plus, they will liaise with the cops to give you the reports concerning your insurance.

To Deter Crimes

The patrol officers have uniforms on, and they drive these prominent cars. Anyone that sees them will instantly know that they are high-profile security guards. So, when these culprits come across these guards, they leave without thinking twice. They refrain from breaking into your business, and that includes the future as well. In this way, they do an excellent job of deterring such illegal acts.