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Security guards for businesses, are they worth it?

Security guards for businesses, are they worth it?

With security guards becoming a rising phenomenon in businesses worldwide, more and more enterprises are beginning to employ their services. The presence of security firms is starting to become a common trend amongst workplaces everywhere. This trend has indeed decreased the number of robberies targeted towards businesses. However, despite this sensation, many still consider it a luxury rather than a necessity. 

Hiring static security guards in Staffordshire can be an expensive affair. A lot of businesses tend to avoid spending the extra amount and opt to save it instead. However, this action may very well lead to drastic losses in the future.

This article will make a detailed comparison between the benefits and costs of hiring security guards. In doing so, we hope to answer the most common question asked by business owners worldwide.

Are security guards for businesses really worth it? Let’s find out.

The cost of hiring security on an hourly basis

Security guards in the U.K come at a variety of prices. Most charge on an hourly basis, with costs ranging from a minimum of 10-15 euros and a maximum of 100-120 euros. 

  • The training and experience of a security guard make a big difference in the cost. Inexperienced guards come at a budget-friendly price, while trained and experienced candidates will cost you more. Off duty cops or ex-military personnel will definitely be on the higher spectrum when it comes to cost.  
  • Whether or not a security guard is armed affects the overall cost of the service as well. With armed personnel costing up to 120 euros per hour, we can see why many would be sceptical about it. 

Cost of hiring security on a monthly basis

For businesses constantly at risk of being robbed, it is best to opt for a more stable solution. However, this can significantly increase the overall cost. 

If we take a security guard who charges 10 euros an hour, we can determine that his monthly salary would be around 2000 euros. If we add more personnel onto the job, the cost can easily be about 4000-8000 euros depending on how many guards you require. Other factors like the training and experience, whether or not the guards are armed etc., can also increase the cost. 

Are the benefits worth the cost?

Whether or not security for your business is an absolute requirement depends on some factors. For example, if your business has many expensive items lying around, chances are you’re going to need that extra protection.  

The location of your business plays a major role as well. If your enterprise is located in a heavy crime area, the probability of getting robbed is at an all-time high. Acquiring security services would be a must in this situation. 

Lastly, there is the time factor. If your business only operates during the day, then it might be relatively safer for you. However, it might not be the case for businesses that operate in the late hours of the night. 

To conclude, let us say that hiring a security service is definitely an expensive ordeal. However, in the off chance that your enterprise gets robbed, the financial losses may be colossal. So, if you’re running a high-risk enterprise, there is no doubt that having added security can be extremely beneficial. 

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure.