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Questions To Ask When Hiring Security Stewards

Questions To Ask When Hiring Security Stewards

Questions To Ask When Hiring Security Stewards

Before you go ahead with hiring security guards for your event in Coventry, you have to make sure that the individual or group is the best you can get to do the job. There are multiple ways of doing that, rather than directly questioning their plausibility, decision-making and ingenuousness. Security personnel that understands the job should be able to come up with prompt and efficient replies to all sort of situations and occurrences encountered. 

If indeed you want top-notch palisade at your event, you must approach security stewards with specific questions that would help see how they can handle and respond to various scenarios.

Questions to Ask Security Stewards

1. Ask About Licence

Being licenced is one of the top priorities to consider before settling for an individual as a security steward because obtaining a licence indicates that such an individual or group has ticked all the requirements boxed of being a security guard, from background checks to screenings and appraisals. 

There are security departments in states that can help verify the licence of the groups and individuals you are questioning. Knowing their licence is genuine would cement a stable relationship where you can build trust and allow these individuals to have access to confidential information.

2. Fitness Training Qualities and Schedules

A security steward must have a very good degree of fitness and wholesomeness to add to the physical and theoretical training undergone. Having a physically incapable guard at the job results in a loophole in the service rendered. In a scenario of an assault where the assailant needs to be chased, a physically fit guard must have the ability to outrun and detain such an offender.

Also, being physically fit would breed an aura, a presence where to-be offenders recognise an intimidating figure that would eradicate all thoughts of perpetrating evil from their minds.

3. How Do You Handle Angry Guests?

Having to deal with an offender is most justifiable, any offencive action on the part of the guard can be regarded as performing normal duties. But when it comes to conflicts, how do(es) the guard(s) respond to such occurrences. In a case where the guard needs to be cool, calm and collected, how does the individual react? Are there steps that have been put in place to guard against flaring up or panicking when the occasion arises? These questions need to be asked to envisage how the guard would approach a guest in the light of these situations.

4. What is the Code of Conducts Followed?

You need to ask for the rules and regulations guarding their actions and reactions. Their understanding of the laws and what is required. When and how arrests are made.


Proper inspection of the abilities and inabilities of security stewards would help you figure out which station they fit and where they are needed. Some people perform well in crowd control, some do excellently in crime control, asking these relevant questions would help efficient operations.