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Questions to ask before hiring security guard services

Questions to ask before hiring security guard services

More than 100,000 robberies take place in the world every day. These robberies mostly target businesses and residences leading to significant losses. In worse cases, innocent people are injured and killed during the robberies. To prevent such mishaps, you should hire security guard services. Check out these questions to choose the right service provider.

Are you licensed?

A licensed security service provider hires professional guards. They make sure their guards are responsible and dedicated. Also, the licensing guarantees that every employee is screened with background checks and finger prints. 

What are your reviews from your previous customers?

The best way to choose a security agency is to look at their customer reviews. Also, visit the company website and read on the reviews online. Ask the agency for references to prove their dedication and success in the field. 

What are your specialties?

There are different security guard services for different needs. For instance, there are security services for residential areas. They are different from the corporate security services. It may save money if you bundle your services. However, you may not get the desired quality. And it is not wise to give priority to the expenses when it comes to safety.

What is your experience?

The security needs are region-specific. The criminals in a region use certain tactics and some crimes in the region are similar and repetitive. An experienced security agency is well aware of such tactics. They have the ability to forecast the mishaps. So if you hire an experienced security guard services, you can prevent most of the crimes from occurring.

How do you train your guards?

A security agency should train its guards based on the legal requirements of the region. So before visiting a security agency familiarise yourself with such laws. You may visit a lawyer friend or learn online.

How do you monitor?

Most of the security agencies have supervisors to monitor the guards during their shifts. What if a night shift guard leaves in the middle of his duty? You cannot check if he is guarding your premise 24/7. Enquire what strategies the company uses to supervise their guards. Do they use GPS services? If they monitor through a supervisor, how often does the supervisor go on rounds to check on the guards?

What technology do you use?

In the world today, it is not sufficient if your security guard is trained and skilled. He should also be smart to use the latest technologies. He should know to operate video monitoring systems and respond to threats immediately. Make sure the security guard services offer sufficient technology trainings. 

Are your guards armed?

It is essential to learn if your security guards will carry weapons or not. You may or may not want your security guards to carry weapons. It depends on what kind of business you do. In some cases, even carrying a weapon creates issues. If the guards are not trained properly to use the weapons, they may hurt the public. Therefore, enquire and clarify the doubts with the security agency before hiring them.

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