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Procedures for Hiring a Security Steward for Your Event

Procedures for Hiring a Security Steward for Your Event

Procedures for Hiring a Security Steward for Your Event

Hosting a big event is usually an arduous task requiring a lot of input. Having to pick the right location or landscape, and a lot of monetary investment involved in executing various details of the programme is a lot of work. With these loads of work comes the issue of security, having to put in place safety procedures, structures, actions, and reactions to activities that could result in damages, injury, or disruption of such events is another aspect to focus on to successfully have a fulfilled event.

Whether it be a small or larger gathering, safety is to be assured, cater for. Having reliable security stewards to man entries, exits and strategic locations gives you a form of assurance that things are being taken care of, but then getting these people to involve laying some groundwork.

Steps to Hiring Security Stewards for Your Event

Appraise the Venue of Your Event

The first approach is to get to know the nooks and crannies of your event premises, get to know blind spots and vulnerable positions that need attention. Take into consideration various entrance and exit positions as you wouldn’t want intruders surfacing at unexpected uncovered positions during the event.

Make an Estimate of the Number of Guests attending and Guards Needed

After taking into consideration the terrain of the location to be used to host your event, it is then essential to come up with an estimate of the number of guests to expect to know the number of security stewards to hire. Hiring a large number of guards for a low number or private event would scare off guests, making them feel uncomfortable, also hiring a few numbers security stewards for a large event would make the department short-staffed which could result in complications. 

Begin Your Search for Security Stewards

After the assessment of your venue and estimation of the number of guests and security personnel needed, the next line of action is to begin to source for stewards. You should approach this stage by asking for reviews, recommendations, and ratings of various security companies and stewards. Through this, you would be able to easily get individuals or groups that easily meet your requirements of training and proactiveness.

Conduct Background checks on the Selected Candidates

After making a shortlist based on reviews and recommendations, another crucial step not to miss out is for you to conduct your underground checks, verify the licence presented, find out if these set of people have undergone the type of training in their documents. Doing this would keep your rest assured that such individual or group is good at the job.

Verify Candidates’ Experience and Records

It is possible to see people undergo training, get licenced, become certified, and yet not have due experience on the job. The last stage of the hiring process is to verify if your to-be hired security stewards possess the skills and expertise to perform their work to meet expectations, being able to handle the crowd and various miscellaneous. 


Following the above-stated process would properly ensure that you do not miss any detail while going through the process of hiring security stewards in Warwick for your event.