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Overview On Security Stewarding In Big Events

Overview On Security Stewarding In Big Events

Stewarding in events is a significant job role. There are many duties and restrictions of performing this job. This post will discuss what you should do and should not do as a security steward in events.

What a Security Steward should do

Here are some things that you will have to do as a security steward in big events.

  • Temporary job. The work of a security steward is a temporary position. As long as the event is held, you are employed. But after the events come to an end, there’s no guarantee of still getting hired if you work independently. 
  • Travel to other places. If you do your work up to the satisfaction of your client, you may get a chance of getting hired for the same events on other sites. This way your work will let you travel to other places and see different areas. 
  • Search people thoroughly. In top tier events, security becomes tighter. As you handle the site, check tickets and passes, you may even have to do routine checkups of people and their possessions that may look suspicious to you. Please check the person in a dignified manner. 

What a Security Steward should not do

A security steward in events has so many responsibilities to do, but there are also some restrictions and borders that he cannot cross along with these duties. Some of them are

  • Be distracted while working. It is an intolerable excuse for a security steward to get distracted while working. When manning the crowds in a music concert or sports events, it is not good work etiquette to get a glimpse of the show or the event. Getting distracted by the event can lead to mishandling of the crowd or intruders inside the no-access area.
  • Freak out while handling VIPs. While it is perfectly normal to show excitement when you meet musical celebrities or famous sportspersons, but you should not pester them for autographs and request pictures. 
  • Detain someone for a long time. If you catch an offender, you can use your licensed handcuffs or other binding devices to detain the person and call the official authorities like the police. But, you do not have the right to keep someone for a long time or indefinitely and threaten or abuse him.
  • No value for other’s life. In big events, a security steward will come across assaulters who may physically provoke you. You may have the right to retaliate, fight back and defend yourself, but you cannot physically harm and injure someone to the point of losing their life. Also, do not verbally abuse and use threatening, gender or racist remarks to someone.

Additional Guidance

A security steward for Coventry events is bound by contract and law to serve the client in every way possible. Sometimes there can be potential harm in doing your job, so you cannot neglect your duties that may endanger someone’s life, be it your client, attendees or anyone. 


Besides all these responsibilities, a security steward protects and safeguards the lives of people in big events and after the property, equipment, and possession of other people.