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Mistakes to avoid while selecting Security Guard Services

Mistakes to avoid while selecting Security Guard Services

Hiring dedicated security guard services is the best decision you make for your company or business. The security agencies provide peace of mind by protecting your assets, inventory, machinery, customers and employees. If you hire the wrong security agent on the other hand, you will lose money and build stress. You should make sure that the security agency is skilled, capable and cater all your needs. Before you hire a security company, it is essential that you identify your security concerns and avoid last minute blunders. Here are the common mistakes people generally make while hiring a security agency. 

Hiring the security agency that does not provide tailored solution

Often security guard services do things their own way. Do not encourage or hire such security company. The security agency should understand your needs. For instance, your company is located in the outskirts. You have an alarm system installed in the front. But the backside is still under construction. And you want two security guards to be stationed in the back 24/7. The agency may convince you to compensate with one guard in the back as they use XYZ monitoring technology. Do not fall for such compromises. Always choose those agencies that are ready to work under your terms.

Hiring security agency that is not focusing on prevention

Prevention is critical. The security guard services should assess your location and suggest suitable techniques to prevent crime. An experienced agency is expert in assessing and predicting crimes in the region. They are well aware of the tactics used by the local robbers and thieves. Do not hire the agency without a prevention plan.

Hiring a security agency that has no uniform options for its guards

Different security agencies offer different uniforms based on where their guards are deployed. Unfortunately, some agencies do not provide uniforms. Some include such clauses only on papers. Do not choose those agencies that are not offering uniforms to their guards. No uniforms means the agency is unprofessional. 

Hiring security agency without checking its reviews

Never hire security guard services without looking into the reviews. It is important that agency is reputed in its field. Read customer reviews online and enquire their previous clients. Glance over their Facebook and Twitter pages to check how pleasing their services are.

Hiring a security agency without checking their license

Do not forget to enquire about the license and insurance of the security agency while hiring. For example, they should be certified to carry weapons. 

Hiring the lowest bidder

Do not make your choice based on cost. An experienced security service provider is always expensive. This is because he trains his security guards in martial arts and using weapons. He appoints supervisors to monitor the security guards during the shifts. He invests in technology. For these reasons, a good security agency is always expensive.

Last but not the least; do not hire security guard services without a backup. May be the agency is effective. But what if one of the guards misses the shift? To avoid such last minute mishaps, the agency should always have a backup plan.