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Is having security guards better than CCTV cameras?

Is having security guards better than CCTV cameras?

Hiring security guards has been the norm for a long time now. During the absence of technology in the early years, we always relied on other individuals for protection. The practice has changed only recently, with the development of modern technology. 

Technology has brought many innovations, bringing a change in the concept of security. Recent years have seen more businesses installing CCTV cameras over hiring security guards from Coventry

CCTV cameras are gaining popularity thanks to their own set of advantages. However, we can’t help but raise the question. Is installing CCTV cameras better than hiring security guards? Let’s draw a comparison between the two and weigh it out. 

The question of cost-effectiveness

A CCTV camera is a machine. It does not think, feel or get tired. Being a machine, it is very efficient and does not require any breaks or food. If you’re thinking of cutting costs, CCTV cameras are undoubtedly the better option. Cameras are perfect for surveillance and can provide vital evidence in case of theft or robbery. However, keep in mind that the cameras have to be of the best quality. 

A security guard, being a human being, comes with flaws and shortcomings. Moreover, a single guard cannot cover a 24-hour shift. So, in any case, you’ll need to hire two guards if you want 24×7 protection.

Safety and peace of mind

I’m sure you’ve grasped the issue of cost. Sure, you can opt to spend less money on cameras, but is money the most important factor? 

CCTV cameras are surveillance instruments. Unless they are featured with Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM), you can only use them for providing evidence. If you’re a business owner looking for CCTV evidence, that means you’ve already been robbed. I don’t think that’s what security means. If your cameras can’t keep you safe, it defeats the whole purpose. 

A security guard, on the other hand, being a person, is present at the scene. A guard’s purpose is not only to protect and prevent danger. The guard also plays the role of providing peace of mind. The guard’s presence is supposed to make you feel at ease. I don’t think a CCTV camera can provide that feeling. 

Prevention of Crime

As already discussed, CCTV cameras need to be equipped with the PVM system. Without this, they cannot prevent any crime and only provide evidence after the damage is done. If evidence is what you want, then a security guard can offer the same plus add safety. Hiring a security guard will give you more chances of protecting your business simply because of his presence. 

As security guards are trained to handle such situations, you have more of a fighting chance. We all know that robbers tend to target properties with no boots on the ground. There are many ways of disabling CCTV cameras, which robbers know better than us. 

So be smart and hire a security company. Of course, you can still install CCTV cameras as well for added security.