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Importance and Benefits of Mobile Security Patrol

Importance and Benefits of Mobile Security Patrol

You may have heard about Mobile security patrol as a safety measure to secure your premises. But, how exactly does security patrol benefits you? This post will delve into the purpose and importance of mobile security patrol and how it differs from a static security guard.

Importance and benefits of Mobile Security Patrol

  • Keeping a Birmingham mobile security patrol service effectively keeps intruders and trespassers away. There is constant surveillance of the premises, and your area is safely secured.
  • Mobile security guards can also assist others when inhabitants, employees or other people are confused about the order of things. They can also help others maintain the business smoothly and effectively.
  • A mobile security guard can also help manage damaged products, property and misuse of pieces of equipment. They can also advise in handling property pieces of equipment for safety.
  • Engaging in the service of a mobile security system can also be less expensive because most of the mobile security systems are temporary jobs. When you feel that mobile security patrols systems are no longer needed or your place feels finally safe, you can end their contract without any hassle.
  • In terms of cost-efficiency, again it benefits you because the main objectives of a mobile security patrol system are to anticipate the incident before it happens. That way, you do not lose anything because of any untoward incidents.
  • When you employ a mobile security patrol system, there are also chances of boosting morale in the workforce. Because the mobile security guard is ever ready to tackle any situation and there is constant surveillance on the premises, your employees feel secure and work efficiently.

Is Mobile Security Patrol more effective than Static security patrol?

Both mobile and static security patrols have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s compare the two of them.

  • If you intend to man an entrance or exit all the time, a static security guard can be the best option for you. Mobile security may often have to go for patrolling so they cannot be at the same place for a more extended time. 
  • In the same way, if you need constant surveillance to secure the whole area, a mobile security system will be the best option for you. A static security system has to remain in its position, resulting in trespassing and property thefts without their knowledge. Granted, there may be CCTVs cameras all around, but one thing technology teaches us is that it has its weak spots too. 
  • In terms of authorized and unauthorized access, a static security guard is a better option. Because the security guard may have better knowledge of whom the employees and the usual people are as he is always in a stationary position.
  • To prevent an incident occurring from even happening, a mobile security guard is better. Upon getting the distress call, the receiver can rush to the place of the scene, which a mobile guard has the full benefit of doing so. 
  • Also, mobile security costs lesser than having to engage static security. The reason being that after you feel that your area is secured, you can always finish the contract or wages of the mobile security services without any hassle. 


Usually, mobile security guards assist the static security guards from Birmingham. A static security guard can only perform his duties well, knowing that the mobile security guard constantly monitors the areas that he cannot reach.