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How To Minimise Event Security Risks?

How To Minimise Event Security Risks?

You have to realise that event security consists of more than just spotting your venue with security personnel. It’s a complicated procedure and needs vast communication and also coordination.

You need whatever you can to ensure the safety of you and your guests at all times. And for that, you’ll require the proper security measures. You’ll be saving the venue and guests from witnessing damages, threats, and violence. On the day of the event, follow these key pointers to ensure the full safety of the surroundings and everyone in it.

Venue Familiarisation

First and foremost, the thing that you need to do is locating all the porous points at the venue. Here, “Porous” is referring to all the unusual openings at the venue. Troublemakers use these openings to get inside the venue without using the actual entry points. It can be a window, a back door for staff, or a secret door that they can open from the outside. You need to identify all the venue’s entry points and ensure that the personnel are aware of them.

It’s useful and super convenient to create a diagram of the venue and share it with the rest of the personnel. This visual understanding will be more effective and easier to understand. If the venue is present outdoors, then start establishing boundaries where the perimeter of the venue begins and ends. Plus, barricades and temporary fencing always helps.

Measuring Attendee Risk

Sometimes you come across attendees that pose a risk to you and the guests. Doing a background check on every attendee that purchases a ticket isn’t possible. However, it’s important to always start identifying potential risks. For instance, if a guest speaker starts representing and talking about a controversial topic or history, that might boost the chances of protests risks or the guests wanting to start a scene. Also, look out for the attendees that buy bulky event tickets. He/she just might be purchasing it for their fellow protestors or disruptors.

Crowd Control

Most of the time, things go wrong at events with bigger crowds. Security needs to be comfortable and equipped to manage and deal with larger groups of people and exercise authority if required. For crowd management, the Birmingham security team needs to carry out these pointers:

  • You need to ask the guests who are blocking the exit to move away.
  • You need to watch and organise the registration line to prevent certain attendees from cutting in. You can use stanchions, cones, or yellow tape to correct this situation.
  • As a security team, ensure that attendees don’t start straying inside the VIP and staff-only areas.

Also, you need to make sure that crowds at the event never exceeds the capacity limit. Make it a priority to count all the security personnel and staff when you’re keeping track of the complete numbers. The venue administrator will fine you if the guest’s capacity exceeds the venue.

Assessing Large-Scale Attacks

Big crowds tend to attract more danger than smaller crowds. Armed security personnel should always be present at larger events. The security team should go through their bags to look for weapons or any other dangerous items such as chemicals. Publicising notice of personal bag checking for ensuring guests’ safety is a smart idea. While you’re at it, also make sure to list out all the contraband items that are not allowed at the event.

While the security checks the bags and scans the guests’ bodies, they should also look for suspicious behaviour in their attendees. Some questionable and abnormal behaviour would include:

  • Constantly staring at the security and staff personnel.
  • Showing a feigned interest or lack of engagement in the venue activities.
  • Analysing the layout of the venue.

But you should also monitor the suspicious activities outside the venue. Since they are aware of the checking, the troublemakers or criminals may find opportunities from the get-go. It’s usually the place where the guests gather for registering.


Events are super lucrative because they help make a ton of ROI for the venues, planners, and businesses. But there is always that chance of criminal activity in large and reputed events concerning high profile people and 6-7-digit figures. It’s important for you and your team to be prepared when organising these events. Make sure to keep your security and communication tight at all times. The goal here is to host the event successfully and make sure everyone leaves in one piece.