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How To Manage Stewards For Events

How To Manage Stewards For Events

How To Manage Stewards For Events

Managing stewards for events is a difficult task. It requires careful planning, organization, and attention to detail. Hired Coventry security stewards are essential in ensuring that an event runs smoothly. They help with logistics, which includes checking the dressing rooms and equipment for availability before a show starts. They make sure to have signage directing guests where they need to go or what they should do next when arriving at their seats.

Logistics is only one part of managing stewards for events. Event managers must plan out their stewards’ schedules well in advance of

The following are some tips on how to be successful in this endeavor: 

Create an event management plan

It should include all the relevant information about your event. It can include a schedule for your event, a list of the tasks that need to be fulfilled before and during the event, as well as any other information related to it. 


Think about who would be an excellent steward for your next big event. You can seek out current employees with experience or those new hires you’ve been trying to fill.

Select a team of stewards ahead of time

This will help you have additional hands-on-deck if needed during an emergency. After selecting them take care of the following things to get most of the stewards for events.

Create job descriptions for each role (e.g., timing, check-in, etc.) and distribute them to every member in the group at least one week before the event.

Hold a team-building session (e.g., go over the job descriptions, talk about timing) at least two days before your event begins. This will help you avoid any confusion during it! 

Make sure your staff has the right training

It should include a list of instructions and a safety briefing, as well as any other materials needed for the event.

Prepare checklists

These will help you know what needs to be done before during and after your event. If possible have them accessible online (e.g., on an intranet site) so everyone has access to it. 

Keep track of your timesheets

You should have your employees fill them out, otherwise, they cannot be paid for their time.

Be prepared to give feedback

It is important so that everyone knows what they are doing well and where there can improvement. This way the next event will go even smoother! 

Ask for feedback from your clients

They will be the ones attending your event and knowing how it went is key to its success. If you receive any feedback, make sure to use it in future events.


After everything has come together thank everyone for their hard work and dedication. You might not need the same team of stewards for events again (at least right away), but this way they will know you appreciated their service. 

If you want to keep it simple and avoid hassle do contact us at Oakwood Security, we will provide you best stewards for events. You will find them very helpful and will be happy with their work.