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How to Hire Security Guards for Your Business

How to Hire Security Guards for Your Business

How to Hire Security Guards for Your Business

You are a business owner and looking for sound security services. 

Now, picture yourself entering a school, a park, a bank, a market or a housing facility. Who is the first person you see? Most likely, it is a security guard. Agree?

Nowadays if you own a business, you are likely to have a security guard. If not, you need to hire one already. If you operate in a high crime neighbourhood or have expensive merchandise, you should make a prudent investment. 

That being said, you need to know the ins and outs of hiring security guards for your business in Warwick to ensure proper maintenance of orders. Here’s an extremely helpful guide on how to hire security guards for your business. 

Observe Your Work Setting

First and foremost step to do when hiring security guards is to consider your work setting. You need a security guard that fits your setting. For instance, if you are hiring a security guard for a school, you need to hire someone with a friendly approach. Similarly, if you want a security guard to protect valuable merchandise, a stern-looking guard who conveys some kind of authority is the best option to keep the crime at bay.

Moreover, you need to see if you require a security guard to provide services round the clock or just during specific hours. If your site is located in a highly-populated area, you might need 24-hour security. Therefore, hire an active and well-trained guard who can actively deter criminals and potential threats.

Identify How Your Guard Needs to Be Equipped

Once you have thought through the setting of your business, you need to step up and ask yourself this question: Do I need to equip my guard? If yes, then how?

With great power comes great responsibility. Therefore, keep in mind their uniform and firearm when hiring security guards. Speaking of the firearm, you have to ensure that the security guard carries a permit to carry it along with a certificate of training. You do not want to hire an untrained security guard and cause a scene. 

If you think you just need a person to oversee your business affairs, you should drop the idea of an armed guard. Consider hiring a security guard with a vigilant eye. Equip them with a taser or pepper spray when needed.

Write a Proper job Description

After bearing in mind the setting comes to a very important task of writing a proper job description for a security guard. In the job description, write about your business setting. Elaborate on why you need a security guard. Next, highlight the duties like greeting the visitors or keeping a log, maintaining security protocols, supervising entrances and exits, etc. Other duties could include detaining the trespassers and ensuring the smooth operation of alarms and CCTV cameras.

Do not forget to list down the skills and expertise you are looking for in a security guard. To attract capable candidates, mention the job benefits and salary. Finish your job description with a quick call to action – a cherry on top. 


After short-listing the job applicants, you need to interview them to find that one promising individual. Ask different questions to get to know them more. Make sure your selected candidate is patient, restrained, active, and fair-minded. Somewhere between intelligence and behavioural questions, you will find a perfect security guard for your business.

Pre-employment Screening

Your ideal candidate is the one who possesses qualities like ethics and honesty. Run a background check on the shortlisted applicants. Test them physically as well to find out how well trained they are. Make sure they have a valid driving license and no criminal record in the past. The security of your property and employees depends on this crucial step so pay attention to small details like how they react to open-ended questions.

With these crucial steps, you can hire security guards for your business to protect your property and employees.