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How To Become a Mobile Security Guard

How To Become a Mobile Security Guard

Working in security can be both rewarding and a thankless service. But choosing a career in security has its benefits. This post will show you what qualifications you may need to become a mobile security guard. And also, how to prepare for an interview to become one.

Qualities of a Mobile Security Guard

  • A mobile security guard should be quick-witted and prepared to handle any kind of situation. Whether big or small, dangerous or not, any situation needs a fast response, so it all depends on how fast you can handle situations.
  • Along with being a quick-witted person, it is also essential for you to be a rational person. When facing threats of any kind, you should know how to meet the threats and rationally act according to them.
  • In the case of physical confrontation and self-defence, the stronger person always wins in a fight. So, you may also have to be physically fit and strong. You may also have to chase offenders and burglars, so you may face failures in your job satisfaction if you cannot keep up with their pace. Moreover, patrolling does not always mean that you will patrol by a vehicle. You may also patrol by foot and need physical stamina to walk for long distances.
  • Along with having solid physical fitness, you should also have the ability to restrain yourself and others. There may be times when you have to value and respect the other person even though he may be the offender. Physically overpowering a person to harm them is not only wrong but morally incorrect.

How to prepare for a mobile security guard interview

  • Research about the employers before you go for an interview. It is vital to know what kind of company you will be serving. If the interviewers ask you about your view of their company, you can always share your opinions only if you do your research. Moreover, this leaves a good impression of you on the interviewers.
  • Make a resume showcasing your skills. Your resume doesn’t have to be outstanding or perfect. This can even give the interviewers the impression that you are trying to outsmart them. Whatever qualifications you have, ensure that it is mentioned on your resume according to the dates.
  • Wear your clothes accordingly to the job you are seeking for. Clothes do give out the first impression on people. Do not give interviews in gym clothes, shorts or flip flops. Instead, dress smartly in business and formal attire like dress pants, shirts, blazers or a casual suit.
  • Always be punctual in an interview. If you arrive late at an interview, it leaves a wrong impression on the interviewer. You may also miss the chance of getting the job. Arriving early makes you get comfortable to the place and also ease your worries and anxieties, if you have any.


Aside from having all the qualities mentioned before and preparing for the job, it is also essential to get your license to become a Birmingham mobile security guard. But, it all depends on the region you stay in. Some countries, regions or clients may necessarily not ask you for a license, but it is better to apply for your security guard license.