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Hiring Security Stewards for Big Events in Birmingham

Hiring Security Stewards for Big Events in Birmingham

Many organisations provide security and stewarding services all over the world.

The central role of a steward is to make the event a safe and enjoyable experience for the people. They are responsible for maintaining a high level of care for customers and giving assistance both outside and inside the event site. Just as the full-time staff in the event, the stewards represent a significant fraction of those who carry out the public roles while concerning the audience’s people.

It is always crucial that the stewards present themselves as professional and positive as they can the whole time they are on their duty. This article will be covering on what you should expect from stewards you hire when you plan on a significant event.

The Experience of the Stewards

A steward needs to have at least the experience of managing audiences in a sporting event or festivals or a capacity equivalent to that of a security steward in Birmingham. Although, they are not a must-have requirement since they will receive some training.

Here are some of the requirements you will need to consider in a steward:

  1. As a steward, they have to be fit and active; they also need the temperament and character to complete their duties
  2. They need to have proper communication skills and have a sound character
  3. Be polite, well mannered and helpful to anyone in need
  4. Stewards need to follow the dress code strictly and have a bright appearance
  5. They should concentrate on their duties and not wander off enjoying the event
  6. Smoking, eating and drinking should be avoided when they are on duty; consumption of alcohol before or during the event is 100% no
  7. They should not show even the slightest bit of celebration no matter what the event 
  8. Working as a team, stewards or security should not use any offensive languages or show their anger towards the audiences or their colleagues

What are the duties of a Steward?

 To make sure that the stewards you hire are doing their duties, here are some of the general duties of a steward:

  • The stewards have to attend the event at the given time and date as advised by the Supervisor or Chief Steward.
  • Attend the briefing and make sure that they have understood everything
  • They should not leave the event site after signing in until their duties end
  • Stewards are responsible for the safety and comfort of the public 
  • They need to have a proper check of the  surroundings of the site before the event
  • Should be able to provide the basic First Aid whenever necessary
  • Be able to recognise any potential fire hazard or suspicious packages and report them immediately to the Supervisor or Chief Steward
  • Make sure that the routes to the evacuations or exits around their area are clear
  • To direct the public while entering and leaving the venue of the event