Hiring Security Guards for Big Events

Hiring Security Guards for Big Events

Whatever kind of big event you may be planning on, the stewards (or security) have an essential role in helping it be a successful program. They also behave as a median between the event management team and the guests. It is crucial to provide ample security numbers in and around the premises of the event you will hold for any necessary security and control that you will need on the event site.

Planning Out For The Security You Hire?

There are certain licensed events where maybe selling or controlling access to alcohol. In this kind of situations, it is essentially vital to note that you will require event security guards from those that are specifically trained or a qualified SIA (Security Industry Authority). Please keep in mind that you can only hire these kinds of security from an approved SIA contractor such as Oakwood Security.

Any of these staff from the Security Industry Authority need to produce and show their badges at all times. Also, if the event you plan is a public event with many people and consists of VIPs and celebrities, put into consideration having additional security measures for these guests.

The number of tasks at hand requires that much more stewards since you will have to take into consideration splitting them to cover each task, such as: placing the staff at every entrances and exit, controlling all access to the activities and attractions, crowd control, public area patrol, securing unauthorized and hazardous areas, etc.

To help you get an idea of how many stewards you may need:

  • In about a hundred guests will need at least one steward for every ten guests in a single venue
  • One steward for thirty guests plus two in every site (max of 50) when the expected participants will be more than a hundred

You will have to provide extra security personnel if the event is planned to go on for several hours to make it easier for the stewards to have their lunch breaks or other personal breaks.

Relaying the Responsibilities of the Stewards:

 All Stewards must…  

  • Not be less than 18 years old, very fit and active
  • Be appropriately trained and capable to carry out their tasks effectively
  • Be given a written statement of the duties that they are supposed to cover; they should receive a checklist and a layout of the main features of the venue
  • Be easy to identify by wearing a tabard or a jacket
  • Be notified with a final briefing on their tasks are on the day of the event, mainly contacting the supervisors in any case of emergency
  • Be familiar with the layout of the venue and assist the public by letting them know about the available facilities
  • Aware of the exits and entrances that will be in use on the day of the event, types of equipment for fire fighting and first aid posts
  • Know how to take care of any problems that may occur