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Event Security Guards & Their Duties

Event Security Guards & Their Duties

The whole purpose of hiring security guards from Coventry is to offer well-rounded security. These guards are always equipped to deal with complicated or dangerous situations. They resort to professional techniques for deescalating bad situations in events. Security guards have a ton of duties and responsibilities here. Let us discuss some of these duties:

Analysing Guest List

One of the main jobs for event security guards includes going through the guest list. The organisers have the guest list ready in alphabetical order, so it’s easier for the security guards to analyse. There are numerous copies of the guestlist for the guards. Here, they will check the list and only allow the invited guests to enter the premises.

Escorting Out Unruly Guests

A reason why event organisers hire security guards is to evict unruly guests. It isn’t uncommon for certain guests to create trouble at the event. Physical or verbal altercation may arise due to indifferences or excessive indulgence in alcohol. When such situations come up, the event guards will escort these types of guests out. They will be forced to leave the event’s premises.

Safely Escorting Guests

Event security guards are responsible for escorting your patrons or guests to their vehicles. It is very important mainly for the women who come to the event alone. The event security guards can even guide them to the nearest bus station or metro. It isn’t safe for women to travel alone or just people in general at night. Here, the organisers will pay extra to the guards for such roles.

Checking Guest IDs

The security guards will always request the suspicious guests to show their photo IDs. It is meant for certain patrons who are claiming to be on your guest list. With the help of the photo ID, the event guards can easily make out the real and fake guests.

Using Metal Detectors

Security guards will always use metal detectors in events. They will start scanning all the patrons, especially in risk festivals, major outdoor events, and parties. Here, if any of the patrons are carrying harmful metals such as knives and other sharp objects, then they will confiscate them. Here, these people will also be deterred from entering the premises.

Assessing Venues

Another duty of an event security guard is venue assessment. The guards will analyse the environment to see if it is suitable for your event or party. They will also assess the guest’s ratio for the venue to see if it can fit. Your guards will also be on the lookout for any potential risks or threats in the vicinity.

First Aid

There are chances for accidents to happen in big events. But you can rely on the security guards at all times. They have first aid resources and also undergo training on how to perform such things. In this way, your event will be safe and secure for all your guests and staff.

Car Parking

Regardless of where your event takes place, the event security guards will always guide your guests to the designated area. They will assist the guests to the parking lot when they are planning to leave the event. Your event guards will also ensure that your guests are parking their cars in lawns, neighbouring homes, or the business driveways.