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Duties of an Event Security Guard

Duties of an Event Security Guard

An Event Security Guard is a temporary job, as the name suggests. But just because it is temporary doesn’t mean that it is not an important job. As long as the event runs, the security guard is liable for all security and safety measures. 

Become the welcoming face in events.

At all events like music concerts and festivals, shows and weddings, an event security guard will be the first person an attendee meets. They will show their passes or tickets, and you get to direct them the way according to the type of venue the event is. Because you will be the first person everyone meets, you will need to have not only a friendly approach to show others they are secure in your care but an alert and powering look over others to show that you mean business.

Manned access control

Along with the welcoming face in events, a Coventry event security guard ensures that other professionals gain access to the venue. These professionals can be people who work backstage like the caterers, light and sound engineer, prop hire, costume handlers, extra assistants and many others.

Each person works systematically, and it is your job to recognise people who work backstage and who do not.

To check trespassers and thefts.

The event security steward also has to check from time to time if there are trespassers who should not be allowed backstage. Sometimes, everyone gets so involved in running the event in the centre stage that they forget what is happening backstage. Thieves take advantage of this situation and may try to steal event pieces of equipment or even attendee’s vehicles. The event security steward has to check all these thefts and trespassers from roaming around.

To stop any incidents from happening.

Any event has one or two mishaps that occur, which is almost a regular thing. No event or show can run perfectly smooth. But, there are precautions that you need to take before major incidents occur. In some music events like a punk or metal concert, which is classified as a highly energised event, can result in crowd fights or forming of ‘mosh pits’ that becomes too violent to control. The security steward has to check all these kinds of behaviour and stop them before it becomes too difficult to stop.

Be vigilant and alert for emergencies.

When someone holds a big event, any kind of situation arises. People can use drugs and narcotic substances, cause stampede, fire, flooding and even minor but significant incidents like clogged toilets, over build-up of litter and jammed doors. Every situation calls for quick judgment.


The qualities mentioned above to describe a security steward can be pretty intimidating. But it is because of all these characteristics that make the right person become a security steward for big events. After all, it is the security steward who provides the safety of the whole event.