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Duties of a Mobile Security Guard

Duties of a Mobile Security Guard

If you have engaged a mobile security patrol for looking after the security of your Birmingham area or if you are a mobile security guard looking after the premises of your client, there are so many things that are needed to look after the secured area. 

Here are some duties of a mobile security guard

  • To keep intruders away. A mobile security guard’s primary task or duty is to ward off intruders. Because of constant patrolling the area, whether by foot or by vehicle, Trespassers and intruders are caught off guard. This way, a mobile security guard can ward off trespassers.
  • To protect the property. Another primary and expected duty of a mobile security guard is to look after the belongings, pieces of equipment and tools of the client. They may get full access to the outside, and inside the premises, so the security guard can check if any property is damaged, missing or stolen. The guard can check for broken windows, jammed doors or accessible fire exits.
  • To detain a person. If the security guard apprehends a burglar red-handed or a suspicious person, he has the full right to detain that person. He can call up the concerned officials like the police and keep the person until they arrive.
  • Use force or self-defence. Sometimes to apprehend a person, the mobile security guard may have to use force or self-defend himself in the case of an attack. The security guard can also handcuff a person or bind him up with other devices.
  • Report any incident in details. After detaining a person or handcuffing the apprehended, when the police arrive, it is the sole duty of the mobile security guard to report the incident or crime in details. It is only up to the security guard how severe the crime was, according to him, so that he will take necessary action.

Restrictions of a mobile security guard

 Along with many responsibilities and duties, there are some restrictions a mobile security guard is not allowed to do so.

  • A mobile security guard should not detain people for an extended period. Of course, they can detain someone until the concerned officer, as the police arrive, but they do not have the ultimate authority to detain someone indefinitely.
  • A mobile security guard can retaliate when an offender attacks in self-defence. They can also use handcuffs or other binding devices to restrain the attacker. But, a mobile security guard cannot unnecessarily beat someone, use foul or abusive language.
  • Sometimes, a mobile security guard can also have the license to carry a firearm. They may have the full authority to use it, but just because they have the entitlement doesn’t mean they can fire, harm or injure anyone. If you are a mobile security guard with full access to firearms, please use them responsibly.
  • Every mobile security guard is bound by law or contract to safeguard a person’s life. If any harm should come to the client or the premise you take care of, do not neglect your duties.


Sometimes, in business establishments and educational institutions, other people may feel more scared because of the security guard’s presence. During that time, the security guard must maintain a calm and friendly but respectable attitude to everyone to make them feel protected and safe.