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Different Types of Mobile Security Patrols

Different Types of Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile security guards are appointed to keep people safe and secure even in the wee hours of the night by patrolling from one place to another. They are specially trained security personnel who either walk or move around with the help of vehicles like bicycles, bikes, or cars, depending on the size of the area they are patrolling.

This security personnel monitors the areas while patrolling and takes necessary action whenever they find anything unusual. They carry certain authorized arms and have the right to detain any suspicious person and interrogate. 

Many industries and organizations or construction sites hire these mobile patrol securities to protect their assets and properties. They provide round-the-clock security to keep everything safe and take prompt action whenever any such situations arise. 

Types of patrol in security service

There are five types of patrol in security services. It may involve vehicles like cars, bikes, bicycles, etc. Several devices are also used for patrolling, like drones, CCTV systems, and artificial intelligence. Apart from these, there are traditional patrol, watchman clock, and guard tours. 

Traditional patrol

Traditional patrol includes the managers or the supervisors who take the responsibility to divide the task of patrolling to different security guards as per the location. The guards, while patrolling, keep an eye on the surroundings and report if any abnormalities are detected. 

Watchman Clock

Another type of mobile security patrol is the Watchman clock, which carries a specific device to various checkpoints. The watchman guard used to complete the rounds in the specified locality and then upload the timing through the device. 


CCTV or close circuit television is perfect for those places where human intervention is always not possible. Still, security personnel monitors the area with the help of the hidden cameras installed in different areas. There is a massive screen in the control room where the images of all the cameras are displayed. The cameras provide 24 hours coverage. In case of any unusual circumstances, there are provisions of replaying the moments to identify the suspect. 

Use of vehicles for patrolling

This is one of the most common ways of patrolling. The security personnel use bicycle, golf carts, etc., and even cars depending on the size of the area they are to patrol. This is the most accessible form of mobile security patrolling as one can cover a large area rather than walking on foot. If the area is vast, then the car is perfect and can also carry more security officers if required. The security officers who use this patrol mode can take instant action whenever they identify any suspicious activity. 

The mobile security patrol officers rely on various such methods depending on multiple factors.

  • Affordability
  • Maintenance cost
  • The area and location of the facility, organization, or the vastness of the site
  • Easy access to emergency services at the earliest depending on the sensitivity of the area that is being patrolled.
  • The type of organization or facility that is being protected
  • The amount of threat and vulnerability of the organization.