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Different Security Guards You Need to Hire For Your Business

Different Security Guards You Need to Hire For Your Business

Different Security Guards You Need to Hire For Your Business

A security guard is a trained professional that protects private or public property, and humans. To protect your business and physical investments, you have definitely given a thought to either installing a quality security system or hiring well-trained security guards. But before you delve into the process of hiring guards, you need to identify what type of guards are needed depending on the type of your business. For instance, security requirements for a building are different from that of a salvage yard.

There are different types of security guards in Warwick. Identify your needs and hire them to serve the purpose accordingly. Following are different types of security guards your need to hire for your business.  

1. Armed Guards

Armed guards, as the name says, are equipped with weapons to do the job of securing public or private property. Armed security guards are needed in the areas where there are chances of violence. Additionally, armed security guards are needed at places that involve inestimable values. For instance, if you run a jewellery store, you need an armed guard outside it all the time to keep your valuables secure.

However, it is important for the armed guards to be well trained to use the weapon when the need arises. 

2. Unarmed Guards

Unlike armed guards, unarmed guards do not carry any weapons. They are assigned duties where little to no use of a weapon is required like at schools, parking areas and parks. Now you must be wondering how unarmed guards deal with the teenager hooligans or pranksters. Well, they carry non-lethal weapons like tasers, pepper sprays, etc.

If you feel like your business needs a person who needs to regulate order without any involvement of violence, an unarmed guard will do the job.

3. Non-uniformed guards

Non-uniformed guards are dressed in plain or casual clothes so that they cannot be recognized in a crowd. Uniformed guards can be easily spotted in public due to their special uniforms, which is why non-uniformed guards come into play when special security services are required. For instance, at an auction, you might need your guards dressed in casual clothes to patrol and ensure the safety of valuables on display. Another example could be of allotting a non-uniformed guard inside a firm to keep an eye on the employees.

4. Corporate Guards

Corporate guards are deployed in the business sectors like buildings, headquarters, or large complexes. If your business site falls in any of these categories, you need to hire corporate guards to observe incoming and outgoing visitors. They maintain the entry protocols and do not let unauthorized people enter the premises of the business sites without proper appointments. 

5. Warehouse security guards

Earlier we talked about corporate guards that are assigned duties in specific buildings or corporate settings. Warehouse security guards, on the other hand, are posted at the warehouses to take good care of employees working there and the inventory. Such security guards have to stay vigilant most of the time to do their duties. However, they have to be available only during the opening hours.