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The Benefits of Hiring Security Guards & Stewards For Events

The Benefits of Hiring Security Guards & Stewards For Events

Security for large events such as concerts and festivals or any other functions also involves keeping the attendees and staff safe during the event. And having a professional team of security guards and stewards in Birmingham means there are better chances to reduce the number of risks that may occur in the hour of the event. The number of personnel that is needed depends entirely on the type of event you plan on having. 

This blog contains all that you need to keep in mind while organising stewards/security at an event.

Putting Together a Plan for Crowd Management

Events usually tend to attract huge crowds, and if you are planning on one as well, it is vital to plan out a critical safety event to help you keep them under control. Make sure that there are sufficient staff and toilets to reduce long queues. Make sure that you have refreshment stalls evenly around the venue; this will help in stopping the guests from cramming up in one small place. Plan out an evacuation procedure with the security teams to keep the attendees calm during any situation, or place signposts to keep them on their tracks and not get lost at the venue.

Considering the Number of Security Needed

It is crucial to consider having a steward for at least every ten guests, and their number will depend on the guests you expect at the event. Large events like sports will have fans that are prone to emotional frenzy than those present at a business program. Hiring special security organisations can offer a more significant number of security staff. However, it is essential for them to know the figure of crowd you will be expecting.

Checking the Bags of Your Guests

It will be safer to have a station to check the guests’ bags to cut down the risk of having the people carry a weapon to your event site. Besides checking for dangerous weapons such as knives, glass bottles or guns, have the security search for alcohol. Having drunk guests to your event is a danger to themselves and the rest of the guests. It is also much easier to keep an eye on those who have been drinking from the bar.

Duties of the Stewards

Here are some duties of a steward to help you in placing them in your event:

  • Placing the staff at every entrances and exit within the event site
  • Be at the venue until their duties are over
  • Checking the site before and after the end of the event
  • They are responsible for the comfort and safety of the guests that are present in their designated area
  • Monitor everyone in their area to check if there are any signs of trouble
  • Assist in the prevention of cramming up in a small space and take the required action when necessary
  • Capable of providing First Aid when needed
  • Remain at their post unless ordered by a supervisor
  • Help out in the evacuation of the attendees from the venue if required