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Advantages Of Using a CCTV System

Advantages Of Using a CCTV System

A CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and is also known as video surveillance. The use of CCTV involves video cameras that help transmit a signal to a particular destination on a limited monitor set.

It’s different from broadcast television because there isn’t an open transmission of the signal. But it might employ wireless links/mesh wired, point to point (P2P) and point to multipoint (P2MP).

The majority of video cameras tend to fit this definition. Still, this term mostly applies to those used for surveillance purposes in places requiring extra security and continuous monitoring. CCTV system does possess a ton of benefits for businesses. Some of them include:

Deterring Criminal Activities

Deterring criminal activities is one of the biggest advantages of using a CCTV system for your property. Yes, it does monitor your area, but CCTV cameras are the best fitting for capturing burglars in action. Just like a mounted alarm system, when an intruder sees your camera, they will stay away from your area. In this way, you’ll be able to prevent any type of intrusion from happening than having to deal with them after it occurs.

According to studies, CCTV’s use did bring a crime decrease of 51% in car parks, 23% in public transportation, and 7% in public settings. Even the lowest figure is a major improvement. According to a 2017 report in Office for National Statistics, about 2 in 100 homes consisted of robbery victims. About 40% of the incidents are happening during working hours.

And it’s usually when the occupiers are away from the area or their properties. Under the same report, over 70% of burglars gain entry to houses through the front door. And the rest of the 30% uses windows like an entry point. So, pointing the CCTV cameras towards these entry routes is strategic and suitable.

Enhanced Rates of Home Insurance

Once you deter criminal activities from happening by using CCTV systems, you” notice a notable reduction in your house and property’s insurance costs. You have lower risks, and you become less of a target. It means that your insurance price will reduce too. Also, CCTV provides evidence towards the insurance claims, which you might not have had otherwise. Additional evidence is also best for supporting your claims. It goes a long way in proving the circumstances relating to your claim.

Keeping Your Sanity

Owning a CCTV system offers people reassurance and an elevated sense of security, mostly in the places with the highest crime rates. There are also luxurious wireless models, where you get to view and monitor everything from your tablet and smartphone. It provides you the chance to check-in and reviews your area with just a button press. In this way, your home security will always be easily accessible. This comfort blanket will make you feel more confident, knowing that your home and property is being monitored.


CCTVs are easily cost-effective. Once you install this security, you’ll have an easy time maintaining it. Plus, they also need very little repairing. Make sure to clean your cameras to garner the best performance and result from your system. You can expect these cameras to keep your designated area secure for extended periods. You won’t be wasting money on repeated repairs and enjoy longevity with these systems.


You do have to realise that business or home protection isn’t as expensive and complex as you would think. CCTVs aren’t just for larger corporations at all. You can buy and install them for yourself to feel secure and save in your environment. It’s user-friendly, requires very low maintenance, and cost-effective at all times. Owning these systems will help save money and prevent any criminal activities from taking place.